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Current Team

Ayush Mukherjee

Founder | Editor
(Jul 21-)

Ayush is a writer of low-key romances and slice-of-life fiction. A theorist at heart, he can often be spotted at conventional nooks of isolation around the city---atop library shelves and behind coffee spoons. He is opinionated about trivial matters and plans to realize fiction as a tool of import within classrooms.

His works are not too many and far between. He has been published in The Threepenny Review and Ghost City Review.

Ankit Jha

Founder | Publisher, Editor
(Jul 21-)

Ankit dabbles in a bit of many things, from fantasy fiction, graphic novels, games, manga. He has an allergy towards YA content, which seems to have no cure. He has recently discovered Le Guin, and is mesmerized. When trying hard not to prank his wife, he obediently works at his IT job while not at all hustling on the side. He is currently cowriting a serialized fantasy fiction novel.

Former Members

Suchitra Sukumar

Marketing, Social Media & Reviews
(Jul-Nov 2021)

Suchitra is a self-taught writer based in Bangalore. She is currently working on two novels in the sci-fi and SFF genres. Her story called Collateral Damage has been published in the Bombay Literary Magazine. Today, she is a marketing professional who pays her bills by running her own brand consulting firm. In her spare time she discusses philosophy with her two very wise dogs, reads, writes and collects second-hand books at an alarming rate.

Ashwin Acharya

Social Media & Reviews
(Jul-Dec 2021)

Ashwin Acharya (he/him) is a proud dog parent who believes in the power of friendships and loves free food. When it comes to genre, he prefers fantasy, magical realism and horror. Comics like Amar Chitra Katha, Sandman, mangas such as One Piece, Vinland Saga and Berserk, as well as authors like Ursula Le Guin, Brandon Sanderson and Amitav Ghosh, have influenced him to put pen to paper. At present, he pays his bills teaching students online and spends his free time reading, writing and hoarding books.

Ravinder Nain

(Jul-Dec 2021)

Ravinder Nain is a self-taught UX designer and 3D artist. When he is not working, he is dreaming, making and learning everyday. He is also a full-time dad which, in his words, can sometimes feel like being a 'bowler in a batter's world'.