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Michael Summerleigh


Michael Summerleigh lives in rural Ontario with a cat named Mina. Years ago he wrote and sold stories pseudonymously to a number of amateur and semi-pro fanzines, as well as professional anthologies edited by Charles Grant, Stephen Jones, Susan Schwartz and a few others. Donald M Grant published a short novel entitled THE BLACK WOLF in 1979. Prior to that he wrote Sunday features for the Montreal Star, as well as a Bookmans Weekly article that became the introduction to the Citadel Press edition of David Lindsay's A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS.

In the last few years, he's placed mainstream stories online with cc&d magazine (Scars.tv), Scarlet Leaf Review, Literary Yard, Horla, and excerpts from an as-yet-unpublished novel with Lamplit Underground, Scarlet Leaf and Fictional Cafe.

He's been a bookseller, done late-night public radio, CSR/dispute resolution for the telecom industry, engineered the 10th World Fantasy Convention in Ottawa in 1984, and recently took a stab at some concert promotion (wherein I was never in any danger of turning a profit)...